Wittenberg Trail

The Wittenberg Trail
The online community for people exploring & confessing the Lutheran faith

The Wittenberg Trail (WT) represents the ancient Church for a post-modern world.  The WT also provides a solid foundation for the shifting sands of post-modernism and a refuge from the ahistorical, non-creedal, shallow, and commercial trends in today's "pop-church" culture.

The WT is a Christ-Centered, Law and Gospel focused, Confessional, Pan-Lutheran Social Network.  The WT holds that the Word of God is and should remain the sole rule and norm of all doctrine.  The WT provides a forum for people who are exploring and/or confessing the Christian faith as correctly explained in the 1580 Book of Concord and the Unaltered Augsburg Confession.  The WT holds that these Confessions are in complete doctrinal agreement with the written Word of God and are the "basis, rule, and norm indicating how all doctrines should be judged in conformity with the Word of God" (Formula of Concord). 

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